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Say Goodbye to Electronic Waste - We Buy E-Waste!

Looking to get some cash for your old electronics? We Buy E-Waste is here to help. We specialize in purchasing all types of electronic waste, from smartphones to computers and televisions, so you can enjoy the convenience of decluttering your home while earning some cash.


Get An Appraisal and Price Quote from We Buy E-Waste.

We Buy E-Waste strives to offer the best prices for your electronics. You can receive an appraisal and price quote from us quickly and accurately by simply submitting photos or detailed descriptions of the items you wish to sell. We also provide free shipping and secure payment services, making it easier than ever to have a stress-free e-waste disposal experience.

Dispose of e-waste properly.

Properly disposing of e-waste is essential to preventing environmental harm. Check to see if your municipality has an e-waste collection program, and if so, follow their guidelines on how to dispose of the items responsibly. If such a program doesn't exist in your area, contact your local disposal center to find out how you can recycle your old electronics and help keep our landfills free from these items and the toxins they contain.

Many electronic devices such as computers, printers, navigation devices and cell phones contain hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury that can be harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly. If a device is still in working condition consider recycling, donating or selling it. If it is broken beyond repair you should dispose of it at an e-waste collection facility or use a mail-in program that specializes in disposing of old products safely. Follow these tips to ensure your unwanted electronics don’t end up on a landfill polluting our planet.

Start by identifying the types of e-waste you need to dispose of. Old cell phones, laptops and tablets may contain batteries that need to be taken out before disposal. Your local government or a waste management agency will likely provide information on certified collection facilities for e-waste and how to identify if an organization is qualified for proper handling. You can also search for private companies and mail order programs that handle electronic waste responsibly. Recycling centers usually take most electronic products even ones that no longer work. When disposing of your e-waste, pull out any data storage media such batteries, CDs and USB drives since this type of material needs further disposal methods so as not to leak confidential data into the wrong hands. Ultimately, properly discarding e-waste helps keep our planet healthy while ensuring your own privacy remains intact